Harris Bolduc offers a range of investment portfolios. The following tables illustrate the performance of our portfolios as well as the benchmark indices.

Performance of Harris Bolduc & Associates Portfolios

 Feb 2018 (%)Year To Date (%)1 Year (%)3 Year (%)5 Year (%)Inception (%)Incep. Date
Equilibre Harris-Bolduc-1.00-1.590.563.654.554.802008-02-29
Momentum US Grande Capitalisation-0.1614.0335.3114.2117.6616.292012-01-31
Momentum Canadien Grande Capitalisation1.457.3316.3710.3315.2414.322012-01-31

Please note that all periods of longer than one year are annualized and that all returns are net of all costs.

Performance of Benchmark Indices

 Feb 2018 (%)Year To Date (%)1 Year (%)3 Year (%)5 Year (%)Inception (%)Incep. Date
Indice TSX - XBB-1.65-2.690.400.883.162.782008-02-29
Indice TSX-3.19-4.732.792.064.781.592008-02-29
Indice Russell 3000-3.881.1016.449.1612.616.752008-02-29
Indice Russell 2000-3.97-1.509.9211.4812.337.762008-02-29
Indice S&P 500-3.891.5017.369.5813.336.782008-02-29
Dow Jones Industrial-4.281.2525.4813.1113.307.572008-02-29

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